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Website Support &
Hosting Solutions

Our work doesn't stop at website completion; we continue to work with each client to develop and optimise their website for maximum performance.

We provide extensive Cloud-based website support and hosting solutions which includes site performance & optimisation, platform and plugin updates, bug fixes, site maintenance with ongoing support and training.

Securing your website is extremely important; we offer cutting-edge security and firewall monitoring for every client we host.

Website Performance

Our Cloud Platform provides an incredibly fast hosting service +
we provide a host of SEO services to further enhance your sites performance

Our Cloud Platform is built to provide an incredibly fast hosting service

Purpose built WordPress super cache system to help boost your site speed

10 CPU Cores, 15GB RAM, SSD, 5TB Data Transfer, Cloud Storage, Management Services

New HTTP/2 network protocol (significantly speeds up website load times)

Pages render fast (<0.5 secs to first response; <4 secs to primary content load)

We provide a host of advanced search engine optimisation for each hosted website

We use Google Cloud Platform with its ultra-fast network and SSD persistent storage

We provide comprehensive Cloud Hosting for our clients

Website Support

We provide a comprehensive support system including
site optimisation, updates, maintenance, bug fixes and much more

WordPress core updates, significantly improving the security of your site

Plugins updated as required, including resolution of any plugin conflicts

We perform routine maintenance and health checks on each hosted website

Continuous off-site backups from seven consecutive days to guarantee no data loss

On hand for Professional WordPress help, content and marketing updates

We fix those annoying theme / plugin bugs including common WordPress issues

We perform ongoing WordPress site optimisation tweaks and updates

We provide full support for content addition, marketing, site changes and adjustments

Website Security

Securing your companies website is important, we provide
leading-edge security, firewall & monitoring protection for every client

Secure HTTPS

We provide HTTPS (SSL Cert Cost Included) for every site, improving website security and Google ranking

Firewall (WAF)

Cloud-based Firewall WAF that stops website hacks and attacks, speeds up load times, and increases availability

Malware Detection

Consistent scans for malware & web vulnerability exploitation attempts

WordPress core updates including plugin updates, conflicts and bug fixes

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) where all Traffic is filtered and unauthorized access is blocked

Block Hack Attempts

State-of-the-art system with DDoS Attack Mitigation and Brute Force Protection

Anomaly Detection

Security Anomaly Detection system identifies suspicious files and anomalies against a known-good baseline.

Daily website backups including a comprehensive disaster recovery system

Take your business
to the next level

Contact us today to build a website support plan that works for Your Company and delivers results where it matters.